4/22/2018 7:55:03 PM (GMT+3)

Aspire Academy helps Delhi Dynamos conduct trials

Aspire Academy helps Delhi Dynamos conduct trials

DOHA: Qatar's Aspire Academy and Indian Super League (ISL) club Delhi Dynamos FC highlighted the the huge growth in demand for the club’s youth development programme.

Around 1,200 children across the country attended the club's trials in Delhi.

The Aspire Academy and Dynamos had signed a technical agreement last year. According to the MoU, Academy will share its football know-how and management expertise with the Indian club.

The Academy is supporting Delhi Dynamos including coaching, training, scouting and sports science. The youth development programme is designed to give talented young players the best chance of securing a place in the club’s senior team.

The academy has sent Fran Perez as Youth Manager to Delhi with responsibility for ensuring that content-related methodological and structural inputs for the programme are effectively implemented.

“When it comes to football, India is a rapidly developing country. Through cooperation with Delhi Dynamos FC, Aspire Academy plays a supportive and practical role in this development process. Since last September, we are laying the foundations for a sustainable football talent center in terms of structure, personnel and methodology. Scouting is also part of this process,” says Stephan Hildebrandt, Manager of Football Operations at Aspire Academy.

Hildebrandt also travelled to Delhi to oversee the two-day try-outs for players aged from 12 to 18.

“The response in the past two days has been really impressive and I’ve personally not experienced anything like it until now. The enthusiasm among the kids for football is enormous. The huge popularity of these talent screening events is a direct consequence of all the work we’ve been doing together in recent months," he added.