7/3/2018 7:47:53 PM (GMT+3)

Colombian fans 'show their strength' ahead of England clash

Colombian fans

MOSCOW: If fans are the strength of a team, then Colombia definitely has an edge on the stands ahead of their Round of 16 match against England, which starts in few hours from now at the Spartak Stadium here on Tuesday.

“The British invaded Cartagena in Colombia in 1741, confident of an easy win. They were catastrophically defeated and suffered appalling casualties. It was such an international humiliation that the government, wrestling with its relationship with Europe, collapsed,” tweeted Dan Snow.

This piece of history is still important for Colombia in today’s football context just like Argentina’s psychological war with the British over Falkland War.

The fans, young and old, displayed a show of strength as they boarded a busy train at the Kitay-Gorod metro station, which linked the Spartak – the field of action this evening.

They screamed and shouted “Vamos Colombiaaaaa” while the co-passengers, who were mostly Russians, didn’t find it too exciting.

As the slick train came to a screeching halt at the Spartak station, the Colombians trooped out, dancing and singing ‘Vamos Colombia’ in chorus.

“We’ll scream and shout for our team. We’ve to win this match,” said one fan.

The lively and colourful procession marched towards the stadium and they seemed all confident about their country’s win over England.

Brazil and Uruguay have already made it to the last eight, and Colombian fans would just be hoping their team join their fellow Latin Americans, whose fans always add an extra zing to their presence.