4/19/2018 5:09:03 PM (GMT+3)

FIFA conducts first-ever women’s football leadership conference

FIFA conducts first-ever women’s football leadership conference

AMMAN, Jordan: FIFA organised the first-ever confederation-level women’s football leadership conference which coincided with the AFC Women’s Asian Cup here.

The competition was hosted in West Asia for the first time in its history and it was only fitting for FIFA to bring the AFC Member Associations together for women’s football development during the historic finals.

A total of 38 Member Associations are represented, with some MAs being present who have previously not had a women’s football representative.

The leadership training on the first day was organised for the women managers to empower them to lead a process of transformation.

It was also agreed that a transformative process and a change of mindset are needed at most of the Member Associations to reach the desired goals for women’s football, through a sustainable women’s football development programme.

The participants discussed the meaning of leadership, studied the science behind it and learnt to understand their leadership strengths and how to use them.