5/12/2018 11:15:28 AM (GMT+3)

FIFA launches 2019 Women’s World Cup official mascot

FIFA launches 2019 Women’s World Cup official mascot

PARIS, France: The FIFA 2019 Women’s World Cup official mascot was revealed here on Saturday.

The mascot is a young French poussin named ettie, young chicken with a passion for life and football.

She comes from a long line of feathered mascots and is the daughter of Footix, the official mascot from the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

Her strong family connection to the Gallic rooster, who is still a popular national French symbol, makes her a fitting choice as the Official Mascot for the Women’s World Cup.

Ettie’s name comes from the French word for star, étoile, as she came from the bright star that her father Footix was awarded for the 1998 World Cup.

Footix cast his star far into the night sky so it could shine brightly, and after a few years of travelling through the cosmos it came back to him in the form of his twinkling daughter, ettie.

Footix knew immediately that ettie was very special, not only because of her sparkling personality that would radiate happiness and joy to everyone she met, but because they shared a real passion for football.

After many years of playing football together, Footix realised that ettie was a dazzlingly talented and fearless player and was the absolute encapsulation of the slogan of the World Cup.