10/13/2018 4:08:58 PM (GMT+3)

Forca Goa Foundation launches inter-center league

Forca Goa Foundation launches inter-center league

PANJIM, Goa: Forca Goa Foundation kicked off its inaugural League between 16 of its grassroots development centres last week.

The league will have weekly matches played between the centres in three zones -- North, Central and South.

The tournament will be held every Saturday from October until the end of the academic year with Considering a coach can impact over 1000 kids though his/her career, the foundation hopes the effort will have a long-lasting impact in the state’s football ecosystem.

Each school will field two teams in the U12 and U14 age categories participating in this league.

Conceptualised by FC Goa Technical Director Derrick Pereira, the competition hopes to provide incentives to the coaches and players in the grassroots programme and give them valuable match experience.

Current school football competitions provide limited match time to the participants as they are mostly short tournaments rather than long term leagues.

By putting the focus on playing time rather than winning, the foundation hopes to build future stars by allowing them to develop critical match skills that players can only get by playing games regularly.

Coaches also benefit from developing and selecting a team that plays regular football. It allows them to develop tactically and professionally.