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I got my first pair of football shoes from my friend Satish, says Bidesh Bose  

I got my first pair of football shoes from my friend Satish, says Bidesh Bose  

CALCUTTA: The opponents always found it a tad difficult to stop Bidesh Bose and his menacing runs down the left.

If Viper Pod or any gadgets existed during his era to measure the speed and acceleration, the former India international arguably would have been the fastest among his contemporaries.

Even the old-timers or his team-mates would agree that the former Mohun Bagan left-winger was a tough nut to crack.

Bose remained a Bagan faithful till his retirement in 1987 barring 1981 when he along with the top stars including his friend Manas Bhattacharya left the club for Mohammedan Sporting, who virtually swooped on all the big names of Indian football that year.

He spoke to www.khelupdates.com in an exclusive interview on his journey from Kalna to Calcutta. 

KU: Tell us about your childhood.

BB: I was born in a village, seven kilometers from Kalna sub-division in Burdwan district. We are three brothers and sister. My father late Jitendra Mohon Bose and eldest brother were footballers and had once helped our village win the Benimadhab Shield, a knock-out championship in Kalna. Surprisingly, my father never wanted me to join the sport. But nothing could stop me as I participated in tournaments across the district. I used to play barefooted and also went to Delhi for the Subroto Mukherjee Cup without shoes because I didn’t have money to buy one. The first pair of football shoes that I got in my life was from my friend Satish Debnath, who gifted me after I returned from Delhi in 1967-68.

KU: Speed was your forte. How was it possible?

BB: It was natural as I was good in athletics. I won a lot of medals in 100m, 200m and long jumps in school and college tournaments. Later in my football career, it helped me a lot. Even during training sessions at Mohun Bagan, Pradipda (PK Banerjee) used to tell me to demonstrate spot-jumps to my team-mates.

KU: How did you turn up at your first club Bhratri Sangha from Kalna?

BB: In 1971, Satish and I were invited to take part in a match against Sahaganj Sports Club at Sitarampur village. After we won, one Sahaganj official insisted me to sign for Bhratri Sangha, where I played from 1972 to 1974. The following year I shifted to Aryan (1975). Interestingly, before joining Sangha, I also got an opportunity to appear for a trial at Kalighat Club. My former Bagan and India team-mate, Compton Dutta was also there, but surprisingly they didn’t sign me despite scoring 11 goals in that practice match.

KU: How was the feeling when you joined Mohun Bagan?

BB: It was a great feeling to have played for a legendary club.

Mohun Bagan official Chandra Madhav Roy was impressed with my speed and asked me if I was interested to join the club. There was a tug of war between Bagan and East Bengal as both clubs wanted to recruit me, but I decided to sign for the green and maroon in 1976.

I still remember the first day’s training, but the biggest surprise for me and Manas Bhattacharya was when we were offered jobs at AG Bengal after the training by a person whom we didn’t know. ‘Both of you are joining from tomorrow,’ he said. It was a double bonanza for us.

KU: Do you remember anything on the Bagan-Cosmos match?

BB: I couldn’t sleep a couple of nights before the match, but Pradipda boosted me by saying not to think about the opponent. It was one of the most cherished moments in my career as I couldn’t believe that one day I will be playing against Pele and Cosmos in Calcutta.