9/10/2018 5:48:54 PM (GMT+3)

Indian corporates should start investing in sports, says Delhi Dynamos owner

Indian corporates should start investing in sports, says Delhi Dynamos owner

DOHA, Qatar: Indian Super League club Delhi Dynamos owner Dr Anil Sharma said that he wanted to invest in sports to help India excel at the international competitions.

Sharma was speaking at a dinner co-hosted by Aspire Academy here on Sunday evening.

“I had made up my mind (to invest in sports) that if indeed India had to excel in sports, investors should stop complaining and start investing,” said Sharma.

Indian Ambassador to Qatar P Kumaran, Director General of Aspire Academy Ivan Bravo and Indian businessmen besides the Delhi Dynamos team were also present.

“One of the many reasons for investing in sports was due to the lack of corporate investments. When I looked at football, I was pleased to notice that ISL had just started. I was further emboldened by the fact that the league was co-owned by the India's biggest business conglomerate.”

He said a lot of thought has gone behind his decision in taking a plunge into the sports arena.

Sharma said his investment is sports aims to focus on the youth and provide them a platform.

“India is a young country. Young adults need options in their primary source of entertainment other than music, movies, cricket and digital entertainment. Indian players are talented. With the help of foreign coaches and leading academies like Aspire, I hope one player will play in a major foreign league of the world in the next five years.

“India has a lot of talented footballers and a day is not far off when one among them will be applying in one of the major leagues of the world,” he added.