5/23/2018 4:38:11 AM (GMT+3)

India's middle, long-distance runners start training in Thimpu


NEW DELHI: A 17-member Indian team of middle and long distance runners have started their pre-Asian Games training at the Thimphu Track and Field Centre from Monday.

Sudha Singh, PU Chitra, L Suriya, Lakshmanan Govindan, Gopi Thonakal, Ajoy Kumar Saroj and Jinson Johnson will undergo high-altitude training as a part of their preparations for the Jakarta & Palembang Asian Games in August.

Before them, a 14-member team of quartermilers (both men and women) left for Spala, Poland, on May 14.

This is the first time Indian middle and long distance runners are being sent abroad for training before a major competition when they usually train at Ooty and Dharamsala.

Other athletes who will be training in Thimphu are Arjun Kumar, Durga Bahadur Budha, Jeeva Satran Ashokan, Kalidas Laxman Hirave, Pradeep Singh Chaudhary, Sahil Thakaran, Ankit, Chinta Yadav, Meenu and Jhuma Khatun.

The Bhutan Amateur Athletics Federation General Secretary Tenzin Dorji welcomed the Indian team.