4/26/2018 7:12:32 AM (GMT+3)

It's frustrating when you go all that way and you don’t turn up: Cook


LONDON: England batsman Alastair Cook is keen to regain consistency in the home Test series against Pakistan and India in the summer.

Cook, England’s highest run-getter in Test cricket, averages 38.84 since the start of 2017, as against a career average of 45.73.

However, those numbers are propped up by two big double-centuries last year, and hide the fact that he’s crossed 50 just four times.

“In New Zealand, I just never got going. That tour kind of passed me by,” said Cook. “It is frustrating when you go all that way, you train, and just don’t turn up.”

He made 243 against Windies and 244 in the Ashes in Melbourne, but collected just 23 runs as England lost the two-Test series in New Zealand earlier this year.

Cook said that following his slump, he had been re-examining how he prepared for games. Despite the 12,028 runs and the experience of 150-plus matches behind him, he thinks he still has to work hard.

“One thing I do know is that it doesn’t get any easier,” he said. “I remember talking to a psychologist about Jacques Kallis – he’d just scored his 12,000th run – and saying, he’s cracked the game, he can just turn up and bat. And the bloke said to me: mate, you’re wrong. If you ever get there, it’ll be just as hard as when you started.”