4/30/2018 6:25:26 PM (GMT+3)

Mohun Bagan Ex-Com members resign en masse

Mohun Bagan Ex-Com members resign en masse

KOLKATA: Mohun Bagan club’s faction rivalry once again came to the fore when their entire Executive Committee including former Bagan midfielder Satyajit Chatterjee, who is also the club’s football secretary, resigned en masse on Monday.

“I waited for the club administration to decide on the future course of action. The way club is being run, I don’t think I should hang on to my position,” said Chatterjee.

Last month, Assistant General Secretary Srinjoy Bose and finance secretary Debasish Dutta had resigned from their posts, citing inefficiency and non-cooperation from other senior officials including club secretary Anjan Mitra. 

Bagan had finished third in I-League and runners-up in the inaugural Super Cup.

"Everybody has the right to know the club’s day-to-day affairs. It’s difficult to stay here now,” said another former Bagan star Bidesh Bose, who’s an Ex-Com member.

Those who resigned: Satyajit Chatterjee (Hony. Football Secretary), Uttam Kumar Saha (Hony. Tennis Secretary), Mahesh Kumar Tekriwal (Ex-Com Member), Asit Kumar Chatterjee (Ex-Com Member), Sanjay Ghosh (Ex-Com Member), Parthajit Das (Ex-Com Member), Tapash Chatterjee (Ex-Com Member), Bidesh Bose (Ex-Com Member), Shoumik Bose (Ex-Com Member), Pramod Kumar Lundia (Ex-Com Member), Sidhartha Roy (Ex-Com Member), 12.Biswanath Sen (Ex-Com Member, Special Invitee), Surajit Nandi (Ex-Com Member, Special Invitee), Tanmoy Chatterjee (Ex-Com Member, Special Invitee)