4/20/2018 7:14:49 PM (GMT+3)

Mumbai to host Intercontinental Cup in June

Mumbai to host Intercontinental Cup in June

NEW DELHI: The Mumbai Football Arena will host the inaugural four-nation Intercontinental Cup from June 1-10.

The tournament, which is likely to be an annual event, will feature India, South Africa, New Zealand and Chinese Taipei.

South Africa has participated in previous three editions of FIFA World Cup.

The event is being organised to strengthen India’s preparation for next year’s Asian Cup.

“The concept of the tournament is to test our team against strong oppositions. It’ll be a football fest for the fans in Mumbai,” said AIFF on their website.

India are currently ranked 97 (as per April 2018 FIFA Rankings) and were on an unbeaten run for 12 official matches for a span which extended from June, 2016, to November, 2017.