3/23/2018 11:27:35 AM (GMT+3)

Nou Camp likely to be renovated for 'Catalan' experience

Nou Camp likely to be renovated for

NEW DELHI, India: FC Barcelona is likely to renovate Camp Nou, one of Barcelona’s top tourist attractions in Spain.

A €360m investment, part of a larger €600m project dubbed ‘Espai Barca’ to ensure that the club becomes one the world’s best football arenas,” said a report on www.wired.co.uk.

The Espai Barca project’s completion is scheduled for 2022-23 season.

The club was tasked with a challenging concept of renovating a 60-year-old stadium, which has only received three additions -- the addition of a third tier for the 1982 World Cup, a new first tier in 1994, and a museum.

“This means that coming to Camp Nou would mean more than just a 90-minute game, which is what it is now,” said Espai Barca commissioner Jordi Moix.

Other changes include an upgrade of Wi-Fi technology, improvements in VIP hospitality and an increase in capacity by 6,000 seats.

The changes are also focused on improving the quality rather than the quantity of seats.

An underground parking area will be done to improve access for fans, making the first tier of the stadium more vertical to improve visibility and adding Catalan experiences to the stadium before and after the match.

Besides, a roof will be installed onto the stadium to ensure the fans are protected from rain or even sunlight on the hottest days.