2/10/2018 8:54:38 AM (GMT+3)

Qatar 2022 installs solar panels on football pitch in Jordan

Qatar 2022 installs solar panels on football pitch in Jordan

Doha: Generation Amazing, an initiative launched in 2009 by the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (SC) to bring positive change to the region using the power of football, has recently refurbished its football pitch in Al Shameyeh, Jordan, by installing solar panels that enable the site to be used long into the night.

Due to safety fears, the pitches had previously been unusable after sunset.

However, the installation of the innovative new panels enables hours of extra use each day, meaning more young people can benefit from use of the pitch and develop vital social skills that will help them build stronger communities.

Isolated from nearby Aqaba with little in the way of utilities or general services, this latest development highlights the importance of the Generation Amazing pitch to Al Shameyeh.

Supported by Generation Amazing community coaches, teachers educate young people about issues such as responsibility for the environment through football, helping participants build sustainable behaviours that help themselves and their communities. 

“The us of this facility had to cease after sundown due to safety fears. However, through this rehabilitation project, we are both showing the next generation how to live sustainably and extending the valuable services Generation Amazing provides. The innovative solar panels next to the playing field will now allow the community to safely use the pitches for up to 5-6 hours after sunset,” said  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Senior Manager, Isabel Gultresa.

Aqaba pitch is the first safe play space in Al Shameyeh, which lies on the outskirts of Aqaba in Jordan. It gives schoolchildren and young people access to a facility that will encourage them to leave the streets, engage in community-building activities and, most importantly, enjoy the beautiful game together.

“The spotlights were changed from halogen to LED to improve energy efficiency, while we also took this opportunity to refurbish of the guard's office, replace broken windows and install a protective grid to protect windows from future damage," said  CSR International Projects Manager, Rosa D'Alessandro.