4/9/2018 9:14:25 PM (GMT+3)

Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy hosts roadshow in USA

Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy hosts roadshow in USA

DOHA, Qatar: The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) began a two-day Roadshow at Bayfront Park in Miami, Florida, to educate and excite locals, football fans and regional media about Qatar’s plans for the tournament.

The SC booth consists of six scale models of Qatar’s eye-catching proposed 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums and interactive video panels explaining the inspiration and design of each venue.

Over 500 fans and media attended on the first day alone, asking questions of the SC representatives present to learn more about the first World Cup in the Middle East and expressing amazement at the plans.

“Miami is a football-mad city, so we set out to educate local fans about Qatar’s World Cup hosting plans to get them excited about the unique experience they can expect in 2022. The response has been fantastic, with families, football fans and passers-by all showing lots of interest. I’m confident that the work we’re doing here will pay-off in 2022, when I hope to see a strong contingent of Miami fans visiting Qatar," said Mohammed Qassem Al Emadi, Commercial Assurance Manager at SC.

In addition to the SC booth, cultural organisations and businesses from across Qatar set up stalls around the park to provide a broader insight into everything Qatar has to offer residents and visitors.

The Roadshow forms the second part of the SC’s involvement in a month-long business tour of the US being led by Qatar's Ministry of Economy and Commerce with support from Qatar Chamber of Commerce, the Qatar-US Business Association and the US Chamber of Commerce. 

The Roadshow will stop in four US cities, beginning with Miami, Florida, followed by Washington, D.C., Charleston, South Carolina, and finally Raleigh, North Carolina.