7/7/2018 8:35:43 AM (GMT+3)

Tite's Brazil not quite a 'balanced' team


MOSCOW: Tite’s projected theory on ‘balancing act’ nosedived after they were dumped out by Belgium in the quarterfinals at the Kazan Arena on Friday night.

We’ve seen what had transpired during the tournament to the extent that some experts had believed that Brazil had peaked at the right time, but Celecao’s performance had a left lot to be desired.

“I thought it was a great match, with plenty of possession and a lot of opportunities. But Belgium were more effective in converting their opportunities. They have a lot of top players and finished well. Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois also made a real difference. It was a very impressive game with fantastic technical qualities,” said Tite.

The Brazil coach had talked about a team which has a balance, but their back-line was in shambles after an own-goal gave the Europeans an early lead.

“For all the pain I feel right now, if you like football, you have to watch this game. It's going to give you pleasure. If you're a neutral, you can sit back and say 'What a match!' Anyone who appreciate football can see that this was a beautiful game,” added the 57-year-old.

The defeat meant that the five-time champions once again failed to reach the final while Tite said that he isn’t mulling over his future after their campaign was over.

“I won’t talk about my future right now. It’s not appropriate as I’m still thinking about the match. Time will tell. After two weeks, the dust will settle and we'll have a cool head to be able to discuss it better,” said Tite.

Meanwhile, Belgium coach Roberto Martinez hailed their opponents despite the quarterfinal defeat.

“Brazil have so much finesse and you know that they can cut you open. But I didn't think for one second that the players would give up. They've done something special. I hope everyone in Belgium is very proud. It has created a nice memory and we should treasure it,” said Martinez, whose team will now face France in the semifinal in Saint Petersburg on Tuesday.