7/16/2018 9:08:06 PM (GMT+3)

We are world champions for next four years, says Deschamps

We are world champions for next four years, says Deschamps

MOSCOW: Didier Deschamps joined legends Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer by winning the World Cup as manager and captain of the French national team here last Sunday.

But Deschamps, who won the title as France captain in 1998, heaped praise on the team, who won 4-2 against Croatia in the final at the Luzhniki Stadium.

“I had a very young group, 14 of them were on a discovery journey in the World Cup. But the quality was there. My greatest source of pride with this group is that they managed to have the right state of mind for such a tournament. I repeat all the time, never give up, never give up anything,” said Deschamps.

It was one of the finest World Cup finals that we all watched on a cloudy evening, witnessing a six-goal thriller.

“There are imperfections. We didn't do everything right but we do have those mental and psychological qualities that were decisive. In the first half, we didn't had much but we were leading 2-1,” he added.

At the end of it, Deschamps hailed the team as one of the best.

“The question to be asked, Is France a beautiful champion? Well, we are world champions and are going to be on top of the world for next four years. That's what needs to be remembered,” said Deschamps.