5/3/2018 5:45:10 PM (GMT+3)

Women experts to help FIFA develop new pilot projects

Women experts to help FIFA develop new pilot projects

KOLKATA: The FIFA Women’s Football Division hosted a two-day workshop with nine leading women’s experts from around the world.

The aim of the intensive workshop was to build and finalise a technical framework for two pilot development projects that the Women’s Football Division, together with the Technical Development Division, have been working on.

“These experts have been selected to support us in these projects based on their tireless efforts and hard-earned expertise in the fields of elite football, participation and development,” Chief Women’s Football Officer Sarai Bareman told www.fifa.com.

Among the list of experts were former players, elite coaches, Olympic gold medallists and technical directors in women’s football.

“It’s been a really productive two days,” said Rachel Pavlou, the National Participation Manager for Women's Football at the English FA.

FIFA’s two projects — Participation and Academy — cover two key areas of development.

The Participation Project is focused on achieving FIFA’s objective of increasing the number of female players to 60 million by 2026.

It will focus on participation growth all the way from school level to international competitions.